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Let BDH Help You Lower Your Belt Lacing Cost


If you’re looking for high-quality belt lacing supplies and products, BDH Belts is the place to go. We’ve been in the conveyor belt lacing business for over 30 years and have supplied our products to all types of businesses. We stock Flexco Products( Clipper, Alligator, Alligator Staple, 140’s, Rivet Lace, Bolt Lace, and more), and we also stock Mato Lace. All of these products come with all the belt lacing tools you need for installation. The best part is that we will probably cost less than your current supplier for the same items you are already using. Contact us today and ask for a catalog!


Improve Efficiency With Our New Belt Lacing Tools


Are you looking for ways to upgrade your belt lacing tools and equipment? Then let BDH Belts help. We’re a Flexco stocking distributor with a wide range of belt lacing installation tools that can improve your efficiency. Whether you’re a single belt user or a large-volume O.E.M, we have the right tools for your lace installation. Our selection includes Flexco’s manual, electric, hydraulic, and air-powered tools. Call us today to learn more about our lacing solutions and how they can benefit your business!


Don’t Be Misled On Your Conveyor Belt Lacing


At BDH Belts, we have over 30 years of experience supplying conveyor belt lacing to companies just like yours. We stock Flexco and Mato Lace products, Clipper, Alligator, Alligator Staple Lace, Rivet, and Bolt Lace, along with a host of installation and maintenance tools. These conveyor belt lacing products can be used for everything from lightweight food processing to heavy bulk handling.  Get a quote on your belt lacing tools when you call today!

Full Line of Flexco Products

  • Alligator Lace
  • Clipper Lace
  • Alligator Staple Lace
  • Installation Tools
  • Alligator Rivet Lace
  • 140-190 Bolt Lace and Much More!







Bulk Lacing Available

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