Power Transmission

composite link v belt


3L Section  3/8” top width  10mm
A Section   1/2″ top width  13mm
B Section   5/8” top width  17mm
C Section   7/8” top width  22mm

AVAILABLE IN PACKAGES OF:  6.5 ft sleeves,10 ft, 25, 50, 100 and 500 ft coils.

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DuroDrive Link V-Belt Logo

A High Quality, Easy-To-Use Composite V-Belt

BDH is the manufacturer of DuroDrive Link-V-Belting. We are the only totally U.S. owned mfg. of Link-V-Belting and all production is from our facility located in Pennsylvania.

All DuroDrive is pre-tensioned with our ‘connect and forget’ technology; and we do not require a stock order to receive our best pricing – just purchase what you need, when you need.

DuroDrive is:

  • Flexible
  • Extremely Strong (For High H.P. Drivers)
  • Oil, Dirt, Moisture, Common Chemical Resistant
  • Vibration Reducing
  • Always Adjustable To Length
  • High/Low Temp. Operatable
  • Accepts Reverse Bends and ¼ Twists
  • Abrasive Resistant
  • Permanent V-Belt Replacement
  • You Always Have The Correct Length Belt On Hand
  • Optional Colors And Top Covers Available

Applications: Power Transmission, Woodworking, Ventilation Fans, Metal Working, Agricultural, Packaging, Marine, Conveying, Pulp & Lumber, Oil Field, Line-Shaft Drives, Flat Glass Handling, Machine Tool and Many More!

Made To Work – Made To Last – Made In USA

Engineered For Power Transmission & Material Handing Applications

green double angle v belt up closeDuroDrive is an Exclusive Product Manufactured by BDH Belts, Inc.

For Use In: Power Transmissions, Conveying, Pumps, Fans, Line Shaft Drives, Motors, Compressors, HVAC, Etc.

  • Premium Mirco-Milled Urethane’s
  • Resins with Ultra Low VOCs
  • Custom Engineered Fabrics in Proprietary Combinations
  • European “Reach” Compliant Materials
  • Exclusive Modular Link Fabrication

Got a tough job? We Can Handle It!

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