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Extruded Urethane Belts Available Through BDH 

If you are looking for extruded urethane belts to help with your production equipment, BDH can help. We provide efficient and durable extruded belts for light-duty power transmission or conveying applications. At BDH Belts, we offer our own extruded urethane belts and profiles, plus those from top-quality international extrusion companies such as Volta, Mafdel, Beha, Pelosi, Shingle, and others. Call us today to get pricing on any of our polyurethane belts!

To Stretch Or Not To Stretch, Check Out Our Polyurethane Belt Offerings

Polyurethane belts are a popular choice for many industrial and commercial applications because they offer a number of advantages over other types of belts. For example, extruded urethane belts can be specified in various durometers, which means they can be tailored to provide the exact amount of torque or tension that is required for a particular application. In addition, polyurethane belts are less likely to stretch than other belts, which makes them ideal for use in applications where precise belt tension is critical. If you would like to learn more about the extruded belts we offer, contact us today!

Extruded Belt Types Available

The urethane belts at BDH are reinforced with cording or other material running lengthwise through the belt. This reinforcement adds strength and resistance to stretching, making the extruded belt an ideal choice for power transmission applications. Our polyurethane belts are available with different types of interior cording, including polyester, kevlar, and glass. BDH stocks extruded belts in a wide variety of sizes and can add different top surface profiles and fixtures to the belt, such as roughtop for grip, grooves for channeling liquids away, or slopped profiling. Call today to learn more about our extruded urethane belts and how they can be used in your application.

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