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About BDH Belts

In 1973 Barry Hershey joined the Manheim Mfg. and Belting Company (now known as Fenner or Fenner Drives – currently owned by Michelin of France). He traveled most of the Mid-Atlantic States for the Manheim Company distributing conveyor belting, link-v-belting, urethane belting and troubleshooting customers material handling problems.

Barry started a separate conveying belting business in 1990 known as Apple Belting, which was later sold (in 2002) to his largest distributor. His attention turned to developing the Link-V-Belting product known as DuroLink and DuroDrive, as well as building up a urethane extrusions business. During this time, several of his previous conveyor belting customers wanted to see him back in the flat belting business as well. BDH was formed out of customers eagerness to have conveyor, urethane extrusions and link-v-belting under one supplier.

Today, BDH is a global supplier of link-v-belting (the only totally U.S. owned manufacture of link-v-belt) and distributor of conveyor belting and urethane extruded belting products.