Specialty Fabrications

Examples of Fabricated Belting


green speciality belt with welded flexible flights for your project

H 15 reinforced "V" belt with welded flexible flights.

red and green del/flex v belt with welded rigid flights

DEL/FLEX "V" belt with welded rigid flights (various heights are possible).

red and green del flex v betl with welded square lugs

DEL/FLEX "V" belt with welded square lugs.

asymmetric v belt

Asymmetric "V" belt of 13 x 8 SOUPLEX welded to 22 x 14 DEL/FLEX.

brush belt

Brush belt.

hexagonal cogged v belt

Hexagonal cogged "V" belt.

cogged specialty belt

Cogged with studded total grip.

dual durometer belt

Dual Durometer belt.

shaved v belt

"V" belt shaved to reduce its thickness, increasing its flexibility for use on small round rollers.

h 15 reinforced v belt

H 15 reinforced "V" belt machined to an angle of 600.

flat guided belts

Flat guided belt with 2 SF 7 beads welded apex uppermost raised edges for conveying small objects.

flat belt with felted surface

Flat belt with felted surface and "V" guide for conveying fresh dough in an industrial bakery or for conveying fragile objects.

flat del/flex belt

Flat DEL/FLEX belt with 2 cogged guides welded above and below for alternate operation.

standard v belt

Standard "V" belt with roughtop (supergrip).

welding clamps

Welding clamps.

flat belt

Flat belt with 2 cogged H 16 reinforced guides.

e 328 belt

E 238 belt, 32 x 28 x 8 trough for carrying corn cobs.

flat composite belt

Flat composite belt with DEL/FLEX + studded SOUPLEX.

flat souplex belt

Flat SOUPLEX belt, 90`V groove and 13 x 8 "V" cogged guide.

flat del/flex belt

Flat DEL/FLEX belt with 2 SOUPLEX ridges to increase the grip.

half round sorting belt

Half round sorting belt with reinforced guiding belt welded reinforced guiding belt welded.

del/flex o round belt

Round 6 O DEL/FLEX belt mounted on an H 16 13x8 "V" belt.

specialty belt with welded studs

Belt with welded studs for a minimum contact with the objects being conveyed.

parallel round souplex belt

Parallel round SOUPLEX welded on a conveyor belt.

specialty coated belt

Belt with machined coating.

green v belt

Dome-shaped "V" belt.

two material flat belt

Flat two-material belt with cogs on top side

flat del/roc belt

Flat DE?ROC with Offset "V" belt guide.

specialty belt

Special belt with two edge strips and round central belt.

del/roc v belt

DEL/ROC "V" belt with Very high flights.

round belts

Round belt with Deeper cogs the to permit indexing.

specialty v belt

"V" belt with cogged coating.

welded round belt

Round belt welded to small base of a "V" belt.

round souplex specialty belt

Round Souplex belt diam. 18 for a fruit calibrator.

reinforced belt

Cogged and reinforced belt with supergrip.

welded round belt

Round belt welded on a flat belt.

flat guided belt

Guided flat belt with a single edge.

flat guided belt

Flat guided belt with felted surface.

two material flat belts

Flat two-material belt with beveled edges.

flat belt

Flat belt with machined hold edges.

flat guided belt

Flat guided belt with round belt edges.

machine link v belts

32 x 19 belt machined 32 x 19 belt machined

32x19 link v belt

32 x 19 belt machined order.

rectangular groove link v belts

"V" belt with rectangular groove.

grooved link v belt

"V" belt with Variable depth "V" groove.

green flat belts

Staged flat belt.

22x14 cogged belt

22 x 14 cogged belt with two material souplex SG 3 surface.

del/flex belt

DEL/FLEX belt with TOTALGRIP surface.

specialty v belts

Special belts with Saw-toothed Poly-V teeth.

non slip poly v belt

Special belt with non slip studded surface poly-V teeth.

supergrip specialty belts

Cogged belt with supergrip.

specialty fabricated belting

BELTING TOOLS: Butt splice and overlap tools available.