O-Ring Belts

o ring drive belts

Welded & Twisted O-Ring Belts

O-Rings are usually sized and priced on a ‘cut length’ dimension but can be sized with I.D., O.D. or cut length when the belt diameter is provided. O-Rings can be produced for Low/High Temps, Anti-Vibration, Higher Tensions, Low Friction or Mold & UV Stabilized Conditions.

Finding ‘Cut Length’ of Welded O-Ring

Cut Length = (O.D. – T) x 3.14
Cut Length = (I.D. + T) x 3.14
Cut Length = O.C. – (T x 3.14)
Cut Length = I.C. + (T x 3.14)
Do what is inside the parentheses before you do what is outside.

Measure Twisted O-Rings from end-of-loop to end-of-loop.

O.D. = Outside Diameter
I.D. = Inside Diameter
O.C. = Outside Circumference
I.C. = Inside Circumference
T = Thickness of Material

To obtain a Twisted belt length from a Standard welded belt length: Divide Standard length by 1.07

All calculations and formulas are approx. BDH is not responsible for errors.

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