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Welded & Twisted O Ring Supplier in the United StatesĀ 

At BDH Belts, we understand that belting and belt-related tools are vital to keeping our customers’ facilities up and running. That’s why we are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high-quality o-ring drive belts. Whether you need the lightest FDA/USDA-approved products or the heaviest, we have you covered. Our o ring suppliers can also provide you with a wide range of belting, belt lacing, and belt-related accessories. No matter what you need, BDH Belts is here to help keep your operation running smoothly. Contact us today to get a free quote on any of our welded o ring belts!

Large Selection Of O Ring Drive Belts To Choose From

O ring drive belts are small, donut-shaped rings that are used in a variety of applications. Twisted o ring belts are designed to replace urethane drive belts that are worn out or damaged. O rings can be used to help a variety of different industries like transportation, medical, electronic, manufacturing, food and beverage, and more. If you are wondering what cut length you should use for your twisted or welded o ring drive belt, see our instructions below!

Finding ‘Cut Length’ of Welded O-Ring

Cut Length = (O.D. – T) x 3.14
Cut Length = (I.D. + T) x 3.14
Cut Length = O.C. – (T x 3.14)
Cut Length = I.C. + (T x 3.14)
Do what is inside the parentheses before you do what is outside.

measured twisted o rings

O.D. = Outside Diameter
I.D. = Inside Diameter
O.C. = Outside Circumference
I.C. = Inside Circumference
T = Thickness of Material

To obtain a Twisted belt length from a Standard welded belt length: Divide Standard length by 1.07

All calculations and formulas are approx. BDH is not responsible for errors.

From 1 to 5000 + pcs – just call for a quote.

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Find The Right Cut Length For Your Twisted Or Welded O Ring Drive Belt

As an o ring supplier, we make it our mission to provide you with a quality o ring drive belt that will help speed up your warehouse or manufacturing process. We are happy to offer both twisted and welded o ring drive belts to our clients and priced on a “cut length” dimension that can also be sized with I.D., O.R., or O.D. They can be produced for low/high temps, anti-vibration, higher tensions, low friction, or U.V. stabilized conditions. If you are interested in purchasing o ring drive belts from BDH Belts, contact us today! We have a low purchase minimum.